Project Objectives

The main objective of NET-Tools is to develop a unique European e-platform to support education and training related to Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies, disposable to the FCH Community under open access. Therefor collaboration with Academia and Industry is strongly intended to develop in close collaboration e-learning materials and content for common use regarding all kind of educational objectives.

Furthermore, to strengthen the e-platform as a unique infrastructure it is envisaged, to align the e-platform only in thematic themes related to Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology and to review provided materials and content. This will guarantee the enduring quality of disposed e-learning materials as well as easy use and orientation of the e-learning content for students and instructors simultaneous.


  • NET-Tools developed an e-infrastructure running under open access usable for the FCH community (Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research)
  • NET-Tools implemented within the e-platform a special e-laboratory (including e-tools for calculations) and e-learning area (LMS)
  • NET-Tools will consolidate existing e-learning materials but also FCH related content to be defined as e-knowledge for further information and use
  • NET-Tools developed user interfaces adapted to different target audience, from students to professionals
  • NET-Tools will develop novel delivery methods combined with new digital practice
  • NET-Tools like to build on collaboration and networking with Industry and Academia, to support individual requirements and necessities in training and education (e.g. summer schools, special short lectures, flying teachers)