NET-Tools 1st Education School

4th – 7th June 2019


St. Konstantin & Elena (Varna) • Bulgaria



Scope of NET-Tools 1st Educational School


The 1st Educational School is organized as a practical experience aiming to explore the developed NET-Tools e-platform for developing and providing e-learning materials and e-tools related to fuel cells and hydrogen technologies to the respective FCH community but also particular groups.


The NET-Tools e-platform became developed as a technical infrastructure running under open access. Because NET-Tools offers the active participation of externals, as user as well as developer of e-learning materials and/or e-tools, the 1st Educational School like to introduce and promote the basics and opportunities for use by presentations, demonstrations and exercises for own provision of e-tools and e-learning materials.


Moreover, the 1st Educational School aims also on the further development of the e-platform and compiles therefor critics, suggestions, opinions and potentials including technical improvements, thematic expansion and user-friendliness.


Request for Cooperation


The 1st Educational School will offer the opportunity for the consortium to engage with the wider fuel cells and hydrogen Community to:

  • confirm areas of interests for the stakeholder groups targeted (academics, industry, education etc.) concerning thematic areas and educational materials developed
  • initiate collaborations with these stakeholders and
  • obtain recommendations for further developments

The first part of the event will focus on presentation from the teams working on the development of the e-laboratory toolboxes and e-learning contents to introduce the audience with the NET-Tools e-platform, whilst the second part of the event will focus specifically on practical demonstration and introduction and test of the e-platform to allow the attendees to the Educational School to test the e-platform, e-tools and functionalities. Each day will end with open dialogue sessions between delegates and speakers.


Participants will:

  • be presented with the latest developments of the NET-Tools technology platform and e-laboratory toolboxes and e-learning contents – to understand how the platform can support their teaching and training needs
  • be able to make suggestions regarding additional areas to be covered by the NET-Tools e-platform – so that the e-platform can support their teaching and training needs further (sustainability)
  • be able to evaluate the potential for contributing with existing or planned educational materials and experimental data for potential inclusion in further processing (e-tools) and activities – to use the e-platform to reach out to new audiences and promote their activities



Prof h.c. Olaf Jedicke

Karlsruher Institute of Technology Germany

Coordinator NET-Tools project



Prof Evelina Slavcheva

Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems Bulgaria

  • Free Educational School (no fees)
  • Free Accomodation an Substistence (30 seats for collaborators LOI)
  • Available seats to the Educational School 50


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